Help Us “Sprout”

Ready to help? There are lots of ways!

-Donate supplies.

Donations of mini dried flowers, silk flowers, live plants, floral and supplies (vases, containers, boxes, grapevine wreaths, biodegradable flora foam, non-toxic flora foam, wire, ribbon, etc.) is appreciated! And, the donation of fresh flowers (even from local events) is appreciated as well – and will be “re-arranged” for deliveries!

-Donate funds.

All money donated is used to specifically purchase fresh and silk flowers, floral and wreath supplies, plants, containers, small gifts that relate, cards/envelopes, etc.

Contact us today.

This is a small nonprofit located in, and recognized by/registered with, the state of North Carolina. However, Lavender, Lilac and Lilies is not a “501c3” organization – it is simply a small, privately funded charity based on kindness towards others. Please Note: Every donation is documented, with receipts provided. Please keep in mind that Lavender, Lilac and Lilies’ receipts are not tax-deductible.

Please help Lavender, Lilac and Lilies continue to sprout!

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the usual, in-person flower deliveries have shifted to mailed, flower-inspired gifts/cards and other gifts to encourage.