Let me start by first saying that I am not a florist, but I have found true joy in delivering encouragement in the form of flowers/plants and floral wreaths. This initiative was born several years ago when I first learned of a local senior citizen home that had residents with no family or friends expected to call or visit them at Christmas! My job at the time allowed me to “adopt” those residents and create an angel tree so that my co-workers could all pitch in and bring those residents gifts. That experience has stayed with me. The Christmas holiday season is filled with lots of people generously giving gifts, etc. But, what happens to those residents the other 11 months of the year? They still have no family or friends to call or visit! Hence, the creation of Lavender, Lilac and Lilies.

I seek out the residents of senior citizen/rest homes, shelters, group homes, etc. and other places where our fellow neighbor may seemingly be alone – reaching some type of milestone, or going through a challenging time. I want to simply bring a smile and some encouragement in the form of flowers/flower arrangements and plants for their birthdays or other special milestones, and floral wreaths for those who are moving from homelessness to permanent housing!

I am simply an individual who wants to make a difference, with something as common as flowers. At the end of each delivery, if the recipient has smiled and felt loved, cared for, important, and ENCOURAGED – the Lavender, Lilac and Lilies’ mission has been met. And, think about it… Giving flowers is an ordinary way to showcase Jesus’ extraordinary love. After all, God provided the beauty and awe that we see IN the flowers!

Many thanks to anyone who contributes and sees this type of encouragement as a real way to be a blessing to others. I appreciate your help in encouraging our neighbors.

May the Lord Bless You!

April Cooper